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Dvees Chapman

The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festivals are always a mix of familiar and new drinks: household names rubbing shoulders with brand new flavours. One of the new drinks to feature at our January 2019 festival was DVees Chapman.

DVees is the company name, founded by four sisters: the Aghoghovbia girls. The name comes from the fact that all four sisters’ names start with the letter ‘V’. Starting out as Vees, the name later became DVees. Love of good food and drink runs in the family, and DVees was set up to create and produce unique West African food and drink products.

One of these products is Chapman: a sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail. The drink originates from Ikoyi Club, a country club in Lagos, Nigeria. The story is that an expatriate asked a bartender to create him something special. And the resulting cocktail became a big hit, and was named after the expat who ordered it: Mr Chapman.  Sometimes also known as “the sangria of West Africa”, the ingredients include aromatic spices, cucumber and blackcurrant.

We spoke to Vese Aghoghovbia about DVees Chapman.Aghoghovbia sisters Dvees

Club Soda: It was great to have you at our Festival in January. What was the event like for you?

DVees: The event was great. We got to meet other drink-preneurs, interact with different people who were intrigued by DVees Chapman and we received great feedback.  

Club Soda: And what was the feedback from the Festival attendees about Chapman? I know that Saranda from our team kept going back for more several times – she absolutely loved it!

DVees: People love it! The popular comments were, ‘It is so refreshing’, ‘Wow, I love the taste’, ’It smells amazing’, ‘Great branding’. 

Club Soda: Even with a great product, it can be difficult to get a new drink out to the consumers. How is it going with you? Where can people buy Chapman?

DVees: It has been challenging, but we keep pushing. We are determined to get the world to fall in love with Chapman, which is really an amazing drink. You can get DVees Chapman online on, Amazon, BoroughBox, NotontheHighStreet. Our physical stockists are &Suya, Onidodo, Grateful Kitchen, Tinapa restaurants.

Club Soda: How and why did you decide on Chapman as the first drink you are making?

DVees: Chapman was a big part of our childhood. We spent many weekends by the poolside of Ikoyi Club eating flamed grilled strips of peppered beef (Suya) and drinking ice-cold refreshing Chapman. We wanted to recreate this treasured childhood memory and let the world have a taste of Chapman. 

Club Soda: And what are you planning next for DVees? Any new drink ideas in the pipeline?

DVees: Our next goal is to have partnerships with luxury fine food stores, niche outlets, bars and a main retailer. Yes, we have another drink in the pipeline which we will be launching very soon.

If you want to read more, Anja included DVees in her January festival drinks round-up review.


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