Non-alcoholic Eisberg Sparkling Wine: Members Review

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As we get close to the beginning of March and Lent, what would be nicer than trying a new range of non-alcoholic sparkling wines? Club Soda members put two new Eisberg sparkling wine flavours, Blanc and Rosé, to the test. Weighing in at just 30-something calories a glass, they are a great way to enjoy a glass of your favourite fizz.

Blanc: Dry and tangy with elderflower and apple notes. More of a mouthfeel of an alcoholic wine. Dry piquant aftertaste. Give it to a drinker and they may not know the difference. Calories: 33 per glass. Sippable.

Rose:  Sweeter with very fruity notes (strawberry and cherry). A bit tart in the aftertaste and more like a light fizzy fruit drink than a de-alcoholised wine. Calories: 31 per glass. Gulpable

Jacquie liked the Sparkling Blanc

“The Eisberg Sparkling Blanc had just the right amount of fizz and a nice colour, with a lovely tangy taste that had a hint of apple. It was medium to dry, maybe edging on the dry side, and is a great alcohol-free alternative to fizzy wine. Best served chilled – I really liked this and would definitely buy it. 

The fizz and colour of the Sparkling Rosé were good – it had a nice initial taste but then left a tart aftertaste that I just didn’t like.”

Neil is adding Eisberg to his shopping trolley

“Quitting alcohol is one the best things I’ve ever done. It wasn’t easy, but it was made way easier by the growing availability of great-tasting substitutes. These days kicking the booze doesn’t have to mean kissing goodbye to the taste of beer, wine or even – in the case of Eisberg’s new Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Blanc – clinking a celebratory flute of sophisticated-tasting fizz with your family and friends.

Neil tries Eisberg sparkling wines
More and more zero-alcohol or negligibly low-alcohol products are coming on the market and gradually appearing on restaurants’ wine lists, supermarket shelves and in the fridges of your local. Quality can vary, though – there are astoundingly good options if you know where to look, but at the other end of the spectrum the wines are little more than grape juice in a fancy bottle, and some of the most widely distributed beers can leave a lot to be desired.

One brand you can definitely count on for great tasting de-alcoholised wines is Eisberg, and I’m happy to report that they’ve nailed it again with their Sparkling Rosé and Blanc wines. These 0.05% alcohol sparkling wine alternatives come in an attractive champagne-style bottle, pack a powerful fizzy punch, and taste as close to the real thing as you’re likely to get. They’re made from wine with the alcohol removed, and you can tell.

The Rosé has a subtle, fruity note whilst also offering a hint of the sharp bite you’d expect from a glass of Prosecco. The Blanc has an unmistakably white grape taste but manages to avoid being overly sweet, and has a dry piquant aftertaste. The calorie count is phenomenal at just 33 and 31 calories per glass respectively.

It’s great to see more options like this for us non-drinkers or those taking a break from booze, and I’ll definitely be adding these Eisbergs to my shopping trolley whenever there’s an excuse to celebrate.”

Charlotte is going to buy and drink again

“Overall, very positive. Certainly, the white was enjoyed by my friends because it was quite dry; not too sweet. The Rosé is a little sweeter, both had a good nose and we all felt it was a really good alcohol-free substitute. I would happily have this again, as it was a lot better than others I’ve tried. I’m certainly going to buy it and drink it again, and would feel comfortable having it when I feel like a drink or go to other people’s houses.”

Anna and Edna were disappointed with the taste

“We took the bottle [Rosé] out and admired the fact that it looked and seemed like a nice champagne bottle. Even the experience of un-corking it was very much like a champagne bottle, and the sound of the bubbles in the glass was lovely. The disappointment came with the taste – it was far too sweet for either one of us.”

Kay, Laura and Jussi loved the Eisberg Blanc

Laura (alcohol-free), Kay (weekend socialiser with alcohol), and Jussi (moderate drinker) did a little video too! “The Rose was quite sweet and had less of the mouth-feel of alcohol. The white certainly felt naughty, like a treat. In fact if you did not tell people there was not alcohol in it they may not know.”


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