Eleanor Conway shares her real story

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Eleanor Conway is a stand-up comedian, and wrote her comedy show ‘Walk of Shame’ in recovery. She shares some of her story and top tips with us in this webinar recording.

Eleanor’s ambitions

Eleanor’s drinking habits are common to many of us. She always enjoyed alcohol for the buzz, and it was was one way to deal with anxiety. But it was getting out of hand and she had no stop button (sounds familiar!).

Eleanor wanted to quit alcohol for about three years before she actually got sober. She knew there was something different out there, but did not have the tools to work out how to do it. Professional envy began to be big thing for her though, and she knew she needed to change if she was going to achieve her ambitions.

“I had a drunk persona that was telling people that I was going to change the world, but never did anything about it. I wanted to be the person I said I was at 3am.”

It started by asking someone about how they quit, and they took her to an AA meeting. She found it great to immerse herself with support from people who had done the same thing in the first three months. Just like here on Club Soda.

“It was like peering through a looking glass, being pulled through and being carried on the shoulders of people who went there before me.”

You can’t control everything

Key for Eleanor was realising she could not control everything.

“Now everything I do is because of me and the effort I put in. It’s a more honest way of moving through life.”

She also needed to find a way to deal with anxiety. In the first year her busy mind meant she obsessed on small details. Meditation has helped her calm her mind as does a daily gratitude list.

“My inner critic hates me, a gratitude list helps me look at the positives in life.”

Eleanor’s 3 stages of recovery

“When you take away alcohol you have to recalibrate!”

Eleanor’s tips

  1. Have people you can call when you feel shaky
  2. Help someone else going through the same thing
  3. Keep a gratitude list
  4. Meditate.

If you still go out?

  1. Speak to someone who understands before you go
  2. Give yourself a two hour maximum. No one will remember you being there after 10.30.
  3. If a drinker invites you being third person, you don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s night being ruined if you go home.
  4. Do a silent goodbye so people won’t persuade you to stay.

“I live in the day and make sure I go to bed sober every night and the days soon rack up and it does get easier.”

Some Club Soda members have already been to see Eleanor Conway’s comedy show “Walk of Shame”, and others are planning to do so in the Spring of 2017 – you can find details of these upcoming shows and many other socials across the UK on the Club Soda events page.


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