Webinar: End of Sober October – What Next?

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On today’s guest webinar, psychologist Helen O’Connor discusses your choices after a Sober October sober sprint. She recommends reflecting on what you tried to achieve by taking your month-long challenge? What were your goals, did you try to prove something to yourself? What were the benefits of not drinking alcohol, on your health, fitness, and your general wellbeing? Did anything else change in your life, for example in your diet or the amount of exercise you do?

Helen also helped us develop our popular Sober Sprint online programme, which has now helped hundreds of people to succesfully achieve a Dry January, a Sober October, or just a sober month at any time of year; and the benefits don’t end at the end of your sober month – many people report drinking less (or not at all) and generally feeling better and healthier six months later.




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