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Global Mindful Drinking Festival: Can you make me a cocktail? With Danny from Lyre’s Spirits

Club Soda Instagram

Join festival sponsors Lyre's and their Ireland Brand Ambassador Danny  Shell and special guest to make one of their signature cocktails live. Danny has been a bartender since coming of (legal) age, he began working in bars the same year Tom Cruise’s film ‘Cocktail” was released- 1987. 'I used my bartending to fund my travels, […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: Breathing Space

Virtual Festival Space

The Breathing Space is Club Soda's weekly mindfulness meditation and discussion group, hosted by Dru Jaeger. Normally, this event is only for people taking Club Soda's in-depth courses. But during the Global Mindful Drinking Festival, the Breathing Space is open to everyone.

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: Happy Hour

Virtual Festival Space

Mindfulness meditation could be the key that unlocks change in your relationship with alcohol. And Happy Hour is a great time to learn the basics. Join Club Soda co-founder Dru Jaeger for an hour of mindfulness meditation and discussion about happiness to ease you into your weekend.

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How can I be more motivated? Expert Q&A with Sharath Jeevan

Virtual Festival Space

Focusing on the future is key in helping you change your drinking habits. But lack of motivation and uncertainty about the future can rob you of the energy you need to make change happen. Join Sharath Jeevan, author of Intrinsic: A manifesto to reignite our inner drive to discover the secrets of nurturing your motivation […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How can I navigate a boozy work culture?

Virtual Festival Space

As office life slowly gets back to normal, and work conferences and event invites begin to land in your inbox it can feel like we are getting back into the same old habits. Can you avoid the cheap white wine and boozy after-work socials? Do you even need to? Is there a new way to […]

Morning Gloryville – Unity

The Steel Yard Nightclub Allhallows LaneLondon,

Check out the incredible line up: 

✨ Pecs on Decks
✨ Caz Coronel

We have prepared awesome surprises! You can expect all the usual Morning Gloryvilleamazingness (yoga, cacao, reiki, tarot, massages, smoothies) plus some more... ❤️

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How do I stop drinking at home?

Virtual Festival Space

We can often focus on the social life that will change when we cut down on what we drink. But home is the place where we drink the most. How can you avoid that after work pick me up and the bottle of wine in front of the TV? Join this panel of people with […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How can I be mindful? Expert Q&A with Valerie Mason-John

Virtual Festival Space

Mindfulness can help you create and sustain lasting change. And that's especially important if you are growing beyond a troubled relationship with alcohol. In this expert Q&A, author, coach and speaker Dr Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John MA shares their passion and wisdom on transformation and mindfulness. Valerie has been practising mindfulness for over 30 years and is […]

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