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Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How can I be more motivated? Expert Q&A with Sharath Jeevan

Virtual Festival Space

Focusing on the future is key in helping you change your drinking habits. But lack of motivation and uncertainty about the future can rob you of the energy you need to make change happen. Join Sharath Jeevan, author of Intrinsic: A manifesto to reignite our inner drive to discover the secrets of nurturing your motivation […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How can I navigate a boozy work culture?

Virtual Festival Space

As office life slowly gets back to normal, and work conferences and event invites begin to land in your inbox it can feel like we are getting back into the same old habits. Can you avoid the cheap white wine and boozy after-work socials? Do you even need to? Is there a new way to […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How do I stop drinking at home?

Virtual Festival Space

We can often focus on the social life that will change when we cut down on what we drink. But home is the place where we drink the most. How can you avoid that after work pick me up and the bottle of wine in front of the TV? Join this panel of people with […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How can I be mindful? Expert Q&A with Valerie Mason-John

Virtual Festival Space

Mindfulness can help you create and sustain lasting change. And that's especially important if you are growing beyond a troubled relationship with alcohol. In this expert Q&A, author, coach and speaker Dr Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John MA shares their passion and wisdom on transformation and mindfulness. Valerie has been practising mindfulness for over 30 years and is […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: Wine Club Live Stream

Online with Club Soda

The Wine Club Box for October will contain a mix of alcohol-free wines and wine alternatives. Please note: Delivery of these boxes is to UK addresses only! The box is built by Christine Parkinson and Laura Willoughby MBE.  You will get have expert guidance on how to taste alcohol-free wine. If you are not a wine […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How do I get back on track? Expert Q&A with Shahroo Izadi

Virtual Festival Space

When you're struggling to change your drinking, it's so tempting to beat yourself up. Instead, it's time to practise being kind to yourself. Kindness is at the heart of award-winning behavioural change specialist Shahroo Izadi's approach to change. In this expert Q&A, Shahroo will share her experience as a coach, bringing her laid-back, non-judgmental style […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: Can you make me an alcohol-free cocktail?

Virtual Festival Space

Founder of La Maison Wellness, a multi-media platform that advocates mindful drinking, Camille Vidal is a globally recognised bartender & drink expert turned mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher. Vidal brings her wealth of experience within the drinks industry partnered with her passion and creativity to the idea of bringing mindfulness into the glass, she creates mindful cocktail recipes inspiring you to live and drink well like a healthy hedonist.

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How do I go out again?

Virtual Festival Space

You may have hunkered down as you changed your drinking. Or avoided going out after the lifting of covid restrictions. You may feel a little anxious socialising again, newly alcohol-free or with a new 'moderate' drinking lifestyle. How do you go out again? Our panel of experts and people with lived experience will discuss the […]

Global Mindful Drinking Festival: How do I shift my identity away from being a drinker?

Virtual Festival Space

Once you change your drinking habits, you begin to understand how much of your identity was tied up with drinking. So how do you now create a new authentic identity as a non-drinker? How much did that previous 'drinker' identity impact you and the change you are making? And how can you shift your self-perception? […]

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