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This week’s guest webinar on meditation was by Niraj Shah who is… we’ll just let him introduce himself!

I’m Niraj Shah, the founder of MEDITATION: UNLOCKED, an event series and community designed to nurture mental wellbeing for modern life. In this chat I talk about why meditation has come to the forefront in recent years, what it is, some of the science behind how it works, how it can support habit changes like our relationship with alcohol, some common myths and how to get started.

A sudden, serious stroke at the age of 30 forced me into yoga, which led to meditation. After a 10 year corporate career taking in high pressure roles in London and Hong Kong, I started a property business which I have ran for the last 6 years. Meditation has become a secret weapon that helps me to sharpen my edge in business and life. I created M:U to help others discover and integrate similar benefits into their lives.

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