Fancy and festive: What to drink at Christmas?

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Christmas is a time when we want to treat ourselves. However, for those of us moderating or cutting out the booze, alcohol is not a treat. So what should we be filling our glasses with instead?

Here is a list of some of our favourite extra special drinks, to help give your Christmas a bit of extra sparkle.

Mulled wine alternatives

Carl Jung Mulled Wine

Price: £4.49 a bottle

Where to buy: The Alcohol-Free Shop

Taste: This is a ready-to-drink alcohol-free wine, blended with spices like cloves and cinnamon with a twist of citrus. A great drink to serve warm during the winter months.

Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch

Price: £2.29

Where to buy: Ocado

Taste: This fruit drink is rich and spicy, made with real elderberry, blackcurrant and orange juices. Ideal as a non-alcoholic winter punch, or served warmed with orange in a similar style to mulled wine.

Rochester Mulled Berry Punch

Price: £4.99

Where to buy: Holland and Barrett  

Taste: This is a lovely winter warmer, full of rich fruit and spices. It contains organic fruit juices and orange oil, so is full of natural fruity flavours. It also comes ready-mulled, so what more could you need?

Alternatively, you could make your own by heating a regular bottle of alcohol-free wine (we recommend Fre or Eisberg) with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg! For other spiced drinks that might tickle your tastebuds, check out our blog on Mulled Wine Alternatives.

Fizzy drinks

Carl Jung Sparkling Wine

Price: £5.99

Where to buy: The Alcohol-Free Shop

Taste: This sparkling wine comes in a white and rosé. It is medium-dry, so is good for both toasting and with food. It has a refreshing flavour with long-lasting bubbles.


Price: £13 for 2 bottles, or £25 for 4

Where to buy: Direct from Botonique

Taste: Described as the “soft drink for wine lovers”, Botonique is fresh and crisp with strong floral undertones. Fruity but not too sweet. Ideal with light, spicy dishes.

Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion

Price: £3.50

Where to buy: Ocado

Taste: This gently sparkling alcohol-free wine is described by Echo Falls as “clean, crisp and guilt-free”. It is mild-flavoured, with light, fruity aromas and a delicate palate.

Cordoniu Sparkling Wine

Price: £5.99

Where to buy: Matthew Clark

Taste: This de-alcoholised sparkler has flavours of tropical fruit, apple and citrus. It has a rich, fruity palate, with light overtones of blossom to complement the gentle fizz.

Interesting flavours

Square Root’s ‘Gin’ Rhubarb Celebration Soda

Price: £5 for one or £25 for a crate of 6

Where to buy: Direct from Square Root

Taste: Presented in an elegant champagne-style bottle, this is a great alternative to any alcoholic drink. Packed with interesting flavours in classic Square Root style, this is a seasonal special not to be missed.

Square Root Seasonal Sodas

Price: £1.75 a bottle or £25 for a case of 15

Where to buy: Direct from Square Root

Taste: At this time of year, Square Root offer cases of sodas with lots of seasonal flavours. Their current favourites include classic flavours like Apple, as well as more unique combinations like Pear and Aronia. They also offer tonics with fancy flavours like artemsia and cinchona. If you like trying something new, buying a pick ‘n’ mix case is a great way of putting their flavour combinations to the test.

Nix & Kix

Price: £1.89 per bottle

Where to buy: Ocado

Taste: These soft drinks with a kick of cayenne pepper are smooth, subtle and warming. Our favourite is the peach and vanilla, which is subtly sweet and fruity without being cloying. A nice treat for the sweet-toothed among us!

Cordials and more

Blackcurrant and Lemongrass Cordial by the Urban Cordial Company

Price: £5 a bottle

Where to buy: Farmdrop

Taste: These cordials are natural, fruity and intense. They are made using odd-looking fruits from farms around London to prevent food waste. They come in a variety of unique flavours, and you only need to add a tiny amount to your drink for an intense, fresh flavour. Their Blackcurrant and Lemongrass cordial is fruity without being bitter, with a nice citrussy tang – perfect for an evening Christmas tipple.


Price: £27.99 per bottle

Where to buy: Direct from Seedlip Drinks

Taste: Claiming to solve the dilemma of “what to drink when you’re not drinking”, Seedlip is the world’s first non-alcoholic gin. For Christmas, we would recommend the ‘Spice 94’, which is aromatic and earthy, packed with spicy flavours like cardomom, oak and citrus. Serve with tonic and a twist of grapefruit.

Beers and ciders

The choice of non-alcoholic beers is improving every month. We have reviewed some of the latest new flavours, like the FitBeer lager, St Peter’s Without ale, and Big Drop’s Chocolate Milk Stout. And Hugo drank through a mixed case for his review!

You can find an amazing selection of non-alcoholic beers at Dry Drinker, our favourite online beer shop. And if you use our special discount code (CLUBSODAVIP) you’ll get a special Club Soda discount too!

And if you like your cider, Stowford Press is our favourite. We haven’t had time to review it properly yet, but you can find it on Dry Drinker too!

Make your own mocktails

Mocktails can also be a fun thing to make as Christmas drinks. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Winter Mocktail with blackberries, pineapple and vanilla.

A Virgin Hugo with elderflower and mint.

Drivers Punch with cranberry, orange and apple juices.

Ginger Mamosa with ginger and orange juice.

A Clean and Dirty Flower with beer, orange and bitters.


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