Favourites: Cassie

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Favourites: Cassie

So as part of our drink suggestions, we will be sharing with you what low or no alcohol drinks we like. This week is my week, because no one else has written theirs yet.

Aperol Spritz

I went to Venice last spring. It was gorgeous, I ate a lot of cake and pizza and complained about the coffee because it turns out I know way too much about coffee. One thing I noticed walking down the streets was the profusion of fishbowl-like day-glow orange wine glasses. I wondered what exactly it was they were drinking, and admired the contrast with the blue of the sky. A quick google back at the hotel told me that the mystery drink was Spritz. Aperol Spritz. That evening I confidently ordered one with my dinner and took a sip, delighted to be fitting in with the city and the orange lit evening. And then I almost spat it out. It’s surprisingly bitter.

Little did I know then that not only would Spritz go on to be the drink of the summer, but it would also go on to be my favourite ‘pretend I’m back on holiday’ drink. Turns out no one in the UK can make a good Bellini.

One of the many good things about this refreshingly adult (read bitter) drink is that it can actually be pretty low in alcohol. Aperol is about 11%, but you only use 50ml in a glass. So if you top it up with lemonade or soda water instead of the traditional Prosecco that’s about 0.55 units. So for a perfect (end of summer) drink, try this:

50ml Aperol

Handful of ice

2/3 of a glass /100ml of good quality lemonade or orangade like San Pellegrino

Dash of soda water

Slice of orange to garnish

And if that seems like a lot of effort, you can visit the Peg and Patriot in London where Aperol Spritz is part of their range of non-alcoholic cocktails.


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