Four festively fiery non-alcoholic drinks for fireworks night

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There’s no better way to warm your cockles as you gaze into the fiery depths of a bonfire than with a tasty beverage full of spice and wonder – and it doesn’t need to contain alcohol to keep the chills at bay. Here are four great drinks that’ll ignite your taste buds and provide a generous kick to your metabolism.


First up is one of our summer festival favourites, Pimento – and they’ll be back at our Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival on 24th & 25th November. Pimento was created in France by Eric Dalsace when he wanted to replicate the sweet burn of a good spirit without the alcohol – and boy does it deliver. Made with natural ginger and chilli, it’s a beautiful ginger ale with a kick to the tongue on the first sip – with the second sip onwards becoming more subtly spicy. Our favourite way to drink it is with muddled lime and mint, on the rocks.

Red Hot Santa Tini – Holy Lama spice drops

Next we have an indulgent cocktail recipe from Holy Lama using their chilli spice drops – we just took the booze out. Holy Lama began in the 1940’s in the essential oils industry and expanded into spice concentrate extraction. They now have a wide range of extracts from cumin, to chai, to mulling spices. They’ll also be at our Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival, so you can try different recipes using different extracts and take a bunch home for Christmas. The “Red Hot Santa Tini” is comprised of:

Cocoa Powder
1-3 drop sof Chilli Spice Drops
2-4 tbsp of sweetened whipped cream
One small Thai chilli pepper to garnish
1tsp paprika powder

Classic Virgin Mary

You can’t write a list of spicy drinks without including this nutritious staple of any mocktail menu. It’s the little sister of the almost 100-year-old Bloody Mary – someone just realised that you could take the vodka out and it still tastes damn good. We’ve kept this one classically simple:

Tomato juice
Beef stock or bullion cube
Dash of lemon juice
3 drops of Tabasco (or, to taste)
Pinch of celery salt
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Pinch of fresh ground black pepper (optional)
Sprinkle of chilli flakes & a stick of celery to garnish

Nix and Kix

Finally, another great success from our summer festival – Nix & Kix. They came about after realising that there weren’t very many adult-orientated non-alcoholic drinks around, so they made it their mission to add some more imaginative, flavoursome and interesting choices into the market – and to remove the stigma and boredom surrounding soft drinks. We think they’ve succeeded with their range of three delicious, no-added-sugar, natural, low-cal, metabolism boosting, cayenne pepper-infused drinks. Choose from Cucumber Mint, Peach Vanilla or Mango Ginger – or grab all three at our Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival.

The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival is on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November 2017, Spitalfields Market. Check out the rest of the drinks lineup, events and features of the festival here:


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