The Guide to…The Club Soda Guide

If you were at our last Mindful Drinking Festival then you might have seen Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby announcing the launch of our brand-new Club Soda Guide, and you might have even taken a peek at it on our info desk iPads. But we know that most of you will have no idea what the Club Soda Guide is, why it exists or where to find it.

We developed the original ‘Guide’ back in 2017 when we realised that if we were going to bang on about socialising sober, finding interesting alcohol-free alternatives, etc, then we’d have to provide the goods and show you where’s to go if you’re off the booze or cutting down. The prototype Guide wasn’t the easiest to use, didn’t list drinks, and mainly had pubs and bars from East London (since that’s there we started it). But it taught us a lot for the new and improved version.

Now, with a complete re-build, new design, and new features – it’s set to be one of the most useful tools for the mindful drinker in 2019. After all, it’s much easier to stick to your goals when you can plan, and the Club Soda Guide will help you do just that. We don’t want you to have to ask a dozen questions to find out what alcohol-free beers (if any) a pub has, or risk turning to old habits to reduce embarrassment – you can go armed with the knowledge that they have what you’re looking for, without straining to peer into the dustiest shelves and deserted fridge corners where you might be used to spotting a lonesome dusty bottle.

Facts about the Club Soda Guide




  • It’s the first online directory listing alcohol-free and low alcohol drinks, and the places that serve them.
  • The new Club Soda Guide is funded by Heineken® 0.0 and the City of London. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to rebuild it in the way that we’ve wanted to for so long.

What you’ll find on the Club Soda Guide

  • A complete directory of the best low and no alcohol drinks available in the UK.
  • A listing of the best pubs and bars for mindful drinkers in the UK – using your location to find the best venues near you.
  • A venue rating system from 1-5 cups, helping you to identify the BEST from the just OK places. You can even search by rating.
  • Club Soda top venue picks.
  • Nominate your venue‘ feature – meaning that not only can venues themselves get listed; but anyone can nominate their favourite venues if they’re not already listed (just scroll down on the front page to find the button). Use the following Guide Pack to help you assess your chosen venue. Guide Pack for Members
  • The drinks directory links to the venue listings, meaning that you can search for your favourite drink and we’ll tell you where to find it.

What you can expect in the future

  • Even more listed venues as we, the venues, and you continue to populate the site with additions and nominations.
  • More features such as a listing of shops where you can find the drinks.

How you can help

  • Nominate your favourite venue using the Guide Pack. It could be your trusted local, a weekend go-to, or you could go on a little pub crawl of a selected area to see what’s good (just check what’s already listed first).
  • Spread the word. You can ask others to nominate a venue, and you can tell people that the Club Soda Guide exists – you can even tag your favourite venues in social media posts if they are on the #ClubSodaGuide.

You will find the Guide at clubsodaguide.com.

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