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October 31st is without a doubt the spookiest night of the year, and if you’re someone who loves whipping up gruesome treats and donning fancy dress, you’ll be in your element. However, if you’re more inclined to use your vampire cape to snuggle down into for an early night, never fear. We’ve got treat (and trick) recommendations for everyone, and we’re even throwing in a few of our favourite morbid mocktail recipes for good measure. Happy Halloween!

It’s horror movie marathon time

What’s better than the sofa, covers, hot chocolate and hiding behind pillows with friends and loved ones? I’ll just be blocking my ears and closing my eyes the whole way, though.

Bizarre, blood-curdling bakes

Sweet treats are the name of the game on Halloween. They go together like Christmas and mince pies, or Easter and chocolate. Any excuse to indulge, basically.  

Also, searching ‘Halloween Treats‘ on Pinterest just pulled up the most mouth-watering stuff…

Horrifyingly haunted houses

Find one! Go there! Then leave quickly for fear of ghosts or other unappealing confrontations.  

A dangerous, deathly dinner party

If you’re bored of the usual get-togethers, then spice up your evening gathering by adding a bit of fake blood and red food colouring. Get your friends to dress up, buy a cobweb for decorative purposes and there you have it – your own ghostly grotto. Top tip: buying a cheap red light bulb to replace your usual for the night creates a spooky red glow and makes your friends think that you live like this all the time.

Petrify your neighbours with pumpkins and pranks

What’s more ‘Halloween’ than carving faces into pumpkins? Get competitive and see which of your friends can give theirs the most gruesome grimace. Put them in the window to test them out.

Devise your own scary scavenger hunt

It’s never too late to hide sweets, for people who’ve already eaten too many sweets, so they can continue eating sweets.

While away the evening on a wicked walk

Get right out into that crisp Autumn weather and crunchy leaves. Go alone or take your friends/pets, but get out there and get stomping. Plus, it’ll give you some wiggle room for more sweet treats.

And that’s not all!

Any of the above can be accompanied by a fabulously spooky alcohol-free cocktail, made using the recipes below. Get those vampire fangs out and slurp happily.

Vampire Bite   

Now we’ve rejuvenated your blood, we’ll bring in the vampires.

475ml cranberry juice, chilled
120ml apple juice, chilled
60ml  grenadine
180ml soda water, chilled
4 gummy vampire teeth
Red food colouring, golden syrup and a little water.


Mix together the food colouring, golden syrup and if necessary thin with a little water to make your fake blood. You can use this to edge your glasses.

In a jug combine the cranberry juice, apple juice and grenadine. Stir together then add the soda water.

Pour in the drink evenly into the glasses. Garnish each glass with the gummy vampire teeth and serve.

Haunted Lantern Martini 

50ml Earl Green tea infusion
25ml Mandarin/freshly squeezed orange juice
Orange slice


Infuse Earl Green for 20 mins. (Or you could use Earl Grey if you prefer, but the green looks more Halloween applicable). 

Combine equal parts Earl Green infusion and mandarin juice in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into martini glass.

Garnish with a round orange slice.


Balled Melon
120ml blueberry puree
600ml Lemonade


Make a little hole in your melon balls and poke in a blueberry, these are your eyeballs

Combine blueberry puree with lemonade, pour into a martini glass and float the eyeball in your spooky mocktail.


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