How to heal your relationship with your body now you’re sober

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When we’re drinking too much and too often, we harm our relationship with our body, alongside the physical harm we do to ourselves. In this webinar, Harriet will share her thoughts on and tools for how you can start to heal this relationship and get into a positive, loving and supportive relationship with your body. This is a powerful step in healing and building your self-esteem, especially when you are changing your relationship with alcohol.

Drinking too much and drinking too often has an obvious and well documented effect on physical health, whether that’s to make you age too fast, hurt your liver, and make thinking clearly so much harder. It’s a well-documented depressant too and can have a detrimental effect on your mental health.

But what about the effect of drinking on our relationship with ourselves, and crucially our bodies?

Now imagine being 100% in charge of another person’s food, drink and lifestyle choices. Imagine that your voice was their inner voice, and you’d imposed on them all the actions and words you’d made in your drinking days. You might well be looking at an abusive relationship. It might well have been woefully lacking in care, full of harsh words, a total lack of appreciation, poor nutrition and lots of physical damage. It’s the exact opposite of a healthy, loving and strong relationship. And the harsh reality is that this is what you many have done to yourself in our drinking days…

Just because we change our drinking, it doesn’t mean that our relationship with ourselves and our bodies magically becomes healthy and fabulous. It takes work, and it takes time. Years of abusive actions and thoughts don’t all fade away the minute you moderate or stop for a bit.

In this webinar, Harriet shares how she repaired the relationship with herself and her body once she stopped drinking. The vital point that Harriet learnt early on in her sobriety was that this is all about rebuilding trust, and that trust is actually an action. This business of rebuilding your relationship with yourself is very much an actions speak louder than words situation, as well as learning how to turn that vocal inner critic into an inner cheerleader.

Over the 15 and a half years of her sobriety, Harriet has developed a deeply living, kind, supportive, appreciative relationship with herself. Join the webinar to find out how you can do this and what the juicy rewards might be of being in a place where self-loathing and regret are a thing of the past…



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