Webinar: Helen tells you why you procrastinate (yes you do!)

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When you change your drinking habits you are actively making decisions that require you to postpone immediate gratification (giving in to the desire to have a drink) in pursuit of longer-term goals (moderating or going alcohol-free). But we are good at making excuses. Especially when the task ahead is hard.

On this webinar psychologist Helen covers procrastination and tells us:

  1. Why we choose to do a different, but less important, task to the thing we really need to be doing – like deciding to check our emails and clear our inbox before we start on the day’s main task.
  2. Why we prefer Short-Term Smaller Rewards over Longer-Term Larger Rewards
  3. How recognising when it’s happening is the first step towards beating it
  4. That there are also positive sides to procrastination
  5. How procrastination can chip away at our emotional well-being and self-esteem.

And most importantly, we learn how to deal with it when it occurs.

Helen wrote our Sober Sprint online programme with us. It is perfect for taking a month off booze, for example if you are doing a Dry January, Dry July, or Sober October, but it is available always – you can start at any time you wish. You can read more about Sober Sprint here.



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