How to moderate your drinking: an interview with Jasper from HiLo

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Meet Jasper and HiLo

We spoke to Jasper from HiLo: a food delivery service that caters “stealth health” to hardworking Londoners, without compromising on flavour or fun. HiLo is all about making it easier to eat better, offering “Hi plant Lo meat” grab-and-go pots that are both nutritious and tasty. So, naturally, founder and moderate drinker Jasper is also keen on living a lifestyle that follows the ethics of his business. We asked him about how and why he decided to change his drinking habits.

What does moderating mean to you and how does it work?

I have been splitting my week between working week and weekend, and matching food and drink accordingly. During the week I eat less meat and more veg, so overall I eat healthier and exercise more. I also drink less. At the weekend I’m more relaxed but nonetheless often I find myself moderating naturally as I’m used to it.

What made you decide you wanted to moderate your alcohol intake?

There have previously been points where I wanted to give up. Everyone has those “I never want to drink again” moments. But I wanted to drive to collect the kids from places, work in the evenings and have an adult drink with a meal. It wasn’t so much about socialising for me. What held me back was poor availability, and that supermarkets only stock low quality alcohol-free beers like Becks Blue. Meeting Laura made me realise that there was a whole range of quality alcohol-free beers, like Big Drop Brewing Co’s Chocolate Milk Stout. I wouldn’t go out and buy alcoholic beer if I had alcohol-free beer in the house, which makes you question what the alcohol is actually for. So now I drink fewer times in the week because I would rather have a really good alcohol-free or low alcohol beer like Big Drop’s than ration myself.

How has moderating helped you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I think it has allowed me to maintain more of an unhealthy lifestyle! What I mean is that I would be likely to have an alcohol-free beer so I can drink it while I keep working in the evenings. But I suppose in the bigger picture it’s better for you.

How does your moderating and healthy lifestyle reflect itself within your business?

Personally, I’m in my forties, so I’m making more of an effort to stay in shape and eat healthier. I’ve always believed that exercise and what you put in your body is important. So during my working career I am interested in how we can get more natural and fresher food into our everyday lives. We want to make it easier to eat better, which is why HiLo offers high plant and low meat content pots that contain all your complex carbs and fresh veg while still being delicious. We wanted to create a sustainable, balanced dish.

Apparently you have decided to add alcohol-free beers to your delivery offer – why?

Yes! At HiLo we cater to business professionals who are working late in offices. Often, they don’t want to order Deliveroo or from large takeaway companies because they just want something a bit simpler. Our new alcohol-free offer goes live next week and we’re starting with the Big Drop Brewing Co’s Citrus Pale Ale. There might be some alcohol-free wheat beers next, possibly Nix wheat beer. We hope to expand the range.

What would you tell someone who wanted to moderate their drinking?

It’s all about availability and convenience. Buy some and keep them in the fridge so they’re there as a default. Understand that it’s good for you from a nutritional perspective. You also have to learn to moderate your moderation as well so to speak – know that you aren’t just drinking to get drunk. Then get used to it, and it will become your normal. This will make it easier when you go out with friends.

If you want to learn more about HiLo and try stealth health for yourself, you can find out more here.


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