How to hit the Summer Sober

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We often spend so much time looking forward to summer, and then find it has passed in a slightly boozy haze. Go figure…

Whether you are trying to reset your drinking habits, lose weight, or make the most of the summer months, you will find all the hints and tips you need to get you through in our free downloadable Summer Loving booklet.

Is NOW actually the best time to reset and take a month off drinking?
As we slip into June, it’s worth considering whether now is the time to press ‘reset’. Especially if you have great hopes for making the most of the long days and warm weather.

Not only that, but if you have a weight or fitness goal, or are saving for nice extras on your holiday, a month off booze can really get you in personal and financial shape.

Doing a dry June?

Then get all the support you need by using our online Sober Sprint programme – a 30 day Month Off Booze course which includes everything you need to change your drinking. Daily emails, advice, videos, drinks reviews, and goal tracking helping you navigate a month without alcohol.

Even better, we are doing a special offer for the summer – you can now get the whole programme for just £30 – a pound a day. It is normally £50, but we are feeling happy with this nice weather and all, and want to share that warm feeling with you! Click here to join today and start receiving your emails on 31st May (you can still join on any day in June as well and still hit summer sober!).

Planning a holiday with a little less alcohol than last year…

Whether you are cutting down or on a longer alcohol-free journey, planning is the key to getting what you want out of your holiday.

Because we see alcohol on holidays as a reward for a year of hard work, we sometimes spend so much time in the bar that we miss what we went on holiday for. What happened to the chance to take some rest, see a new place, and spend time with people we like? With a hangover you can miss the best part of the day. Our booklet contains a load of handy tips for rethinking your holiday to be more sober and satisfying.

Summer is easy for faking an alcoholic drink!

Once you add lots of ice, a straw and some exotic fruit all summer drinks really look the same. So whether you want to fake a beer around the BBQ or a cocktail around the pool, it is easy to knock back glass after glass of interesting flavoured alcohol-free liquid and not suffer the next day. Like faking an Aperol Spritz. We even share some phrases to ask for drinks ‘without alcohol’ in 10 languages – be amazed at how many countries do low and no alcohol beers and adult drinks as a norm.


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