How not to miss out

We often worry that if we change our drinking we will feel we will miss out. The reality is that if you are looking to change your drinking habits, you have to accept that to make it happen more than just what you drink will change. Some changes may be temporary, some longer term. But instead of fearing change, embrace it as part of your journey.

Will you really miss out without alcohol?

You will also need to shed some long-held  ‘beliefs’ and ‘truths’ about alcohol that may be holding you back from changing, or that stop you seeing some of the positive aspects. Culturally we are taught that to have fun and be social needs alcohol, and we are all pretty compliant in fuelling socialising with alcohol – but does it have to be like that? If it was all so good why would we be looking to change? Can you work out what is important for you when socialising, so you can enhance your experience and not miss out?

Like everything worth doing it will take a little effort. And now is the time to start!

Laura shares how you might go about that in this webinar.


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