How stopping drinking turned my life upside down – in a very good way!

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Founder of Soberistas Lucy Rocca tells her story of stopping drinking on this guest webinar, and shares how becoming alcohol-free has turned her whole life upside down – in a very good way!

Lucy also mentions two books on the webinar: Jason Vale’s Kick the Drink. . .Easily! and her own The Sober Revolution: Women Calling Time on Wine O’Clock. You can find other books Lucy has written on Amazon by clicking here.

When I stopped drinking, I didn’t want to stop drinking. I loved drinking! But I knew it was causing me too many problems and so I quit – 7 years ago. What I didn’t expect, back in 2011, was for this single decision to impact so significantly on all aspects of my life, my personality and my outlook on everything. In this webinar I’ll be talking about all of the above, plus the Soberistas community that I founded in 2012, and my new social enterprise, The Rest Is History.


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