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Dr. Adi Jaffe is a world-renowned addiction researcher and expert and the founder of IGNTD Recovery. It is a system that has been developed over 12 years, and is completely different from any other system for alcohol, drug, sex, gambling or food addictions. The difference is that IGNTD Recovery addresses these issues at their deepest level, instead of simply handling the symptoms like alcohol misuse.

In this guest webinar for Club Soda, Adi will provide members with a unique roadmap to completely change their view of their drinking problem. He shares his own story of addiction, how he ‘failed’ at rehab, and how it took him on a 3-year sobriety journey – with a stint in prison as part of it. Adi went back to college and started studying the science of addiction. Now he is a social drinker – he believes control of alcohol is about accepting your past and building a new happy life.

Changing your drinking habits is not just about quitting and it never was. It is about dealing with the problems underneath, building new tools, and finding a support network: like Club Soda.

He has a special offer for Club Soda members for his course – click here (this is only valid for a couple of days after the webinar so be quick!).

Read the first chapter of his book here 


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