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For people who are moderating or changing their drinking, the pub is often a difficult place to socialise in, and a tricky one to avoid. No one wants to miss out on a great night, but at the same time, no one wants pint after pint of sugary soft drink or bland lime and soda. We love pubs, so we’ve been doing everything in our power to make them more welcoming for their non-drinking customers. As Club Soda members, you understand more than most about the difficulties of navigating a night out without the booze. So we want to give you a sneak preview of the work we’ve been doing, and show you how you can contribute to our brand new Club Soda Guide.

What is the Club Soda Guide?

The Club Soda Guide helps people who want to drink less or not at all find the best venues in and around Hackney and the City of London. It ranks pubs and bars on their ranges of low and no alcohol drink options, from artisan selections of non-alcoholic beers to mixologists who will whip you up a classy mocktail. This is part of our larger aim to nurture a relationship between pubs and a population which isn’t drinking as much as it used to. So far, it’s going pretty well: we have signed up and rated over 200 pubs and bars for our guide, with more joining every day.

On the pub side, the venues in our guide are pleased to increase their customer base, and access a market of non-drinkers who might prefer to order a craft soda rather than a tap water. On the customer side, we want you, our members, and other non-drinkers to feel included by wide-ranging non-alcoholic options that are a match for any draft beer or house wine. We are confident that pubs can do more to support you to drink mindfully, whether you are making a conscious decision to go sober, or you’re just not drinking tonight.

How does it work?

We want people to get out and review the pubs on the guide themselves, so in January, we’re asking Londoners to #DrinkMindful and go on a Mindful Pub Crawl. You’ll be hopping from pub to bar, finding venues you never knew about, and sampling the weird and wonderful non-alcoholic drinks that have put these pubs on our guide. Instead of giving your liver a run for its money, you’ll get to support your local and discover some interesting new flavours while you’re doing it. The guide will go live for customer use in January, and nationwide later in 2017.

What can I do?

Make a video

This is where your knowledge and experience comes in. We want to hear your voice (literally!) in a short video about your mindful drinking habits. We’re looking for thoughts from all types of drinkers, whether you’re moderating or going alcohol-free. How do you avoid drinking in the pub? What are your techniques or routines? Does the pub do anything to make it easier? When you are finished send it to

Questions to answer:

“To me, mindful drinking is…”

“My favourite low/no alcohol drink when I’m out is…”

“I’m going on a mindful pub crawl”

Don’t forget to hold your camera landscape! You can watch our example video here.

Share your story

We are looking for people who have moderated their drinking to talk to the media about their experiences. Would you like to be a case study? If this sounds like something you’re interested in, get in touch with Laura via email or phone 07968 708 703.


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