Webinar: Janet’s story from cutting down to alcohol free

Janet has been a Club Soda member for two and a half years, but when she joined her goal was not to stop. In this webinar discussion with Laura she shares her story:

“I would buy a bottle of wine on the way home and open it when making the kids dinner. I knew I needed to cut down but never contemplated giving up. I never even did a Dry January as I didn’t think I could do it. I was not particularly worried about health effects and I held down a full time job as a senior lawyer in a large company.  But I was very unhappy and lethargic. Out of work activities seemed too much effort.

I joined Club Soda to help me moderate and started with the Sober Sprint in May which I almost completed – 29 days. I had never really thought about being alcohol free before. Just wanted to cut down and didn’t want to be labelled an alcoholic.  After the month I started drinking again.

Then on 4th July Serena announced her one year sober anniversary. I thought, if I stopped now , I could be like her. It took me till the 8th July but after a terrible Friday night binge I gave up drinking, initially for a month, then for three months, then just carried on.”

Janet also touches on:

  • Anxiety
  • Sober holidays
  • Making new friends without alcohol
  • The power of being social
  • How learning about ‘discomfort‘ made it all click into place
  • And why she donates to Club Soda on a regular basis

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