Julian reaches 1500 days sober (just over 4 years)

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City worker Julian Kirkman-Page is a good friend of Club Soda, and has recently notched up a milestone. 1500 days sober.

In this webinar Julian shares his story of going sober. How bad his drinking was. How he stopped and how he stayed that way.

Health was a motivating factor

Julian has talked before about his health situation, gout, diabetes and high blood pressure. He did not think he would make it to 60, and knew his drinking was the reason behind all his health issues. In fact his health has improved so much he has now taken up swimming, canoeing and martial arts!

Participating in life

Julian not only feels like a new man, but he feels that he is now participating in life when before he was distant. He has moved back into the city to be more part of his grandkids’ life. He felt he would have hardly known they existed if he was still drinking. He is spending time with loved ones and travelling with his wife with the money saved!

Saving money

As a very conservative estimate Julian has saved £15,000 by not drinking – it is just easier being frugal when you are sober. As well as travelling (check out the big map at the back of his video) he has even taken up flying.

Would he go back?

You can read more about Julian’s sober journey in his 1500 days sober blog he did for Club Soda earlier this year. But watch the webinar too, and find out if he would ever go back…

Julian is a prolific writer – if you haven’t read them yet, his two books I Don’t Drink! How to quit alcohol – a drinker’s tale and One Less for the Road: Is there life after alcohol?  are very good. He has also written several guest articles for Club Soda over the years.


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