Julian’s tough stance on relapses

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In this guest webinar, Club Soda member Julian Kirkman-Page reveals his tough stance on relapses, and shares a true story. A story about someone who Julian had connected with through writing his book I don’t Drink!: How to quit alcohol – a drinker’s tale – they are a fan of his book, and were excited by the success in kicking their drinking habit, but had now relapsed and were drinking alcohol again. What would Julian say to this person who had fallen off the wagon?

It turns out that Julian is a hard taskmaster, and does not let people give in to the ‘oh I was stressed, that was an exception’ excuse for reaching for the bottle. He believes that the more you let those excuses in, the more likely you are to lapse again and again. He believes in starting from day 1 again, as soon as you lapse. He would do it even with five alcohol-free years behind him. He could no longer call himself a ‘non-drinker’ and he would feel like he was lying.

Hear the full story from Julian in the webinar recording below, learn more about his tough stance on relapses, and what his wife said when he posed the question ‘What would you say if I lapsed?’

PS: You may also be interested in Julian’s second book, One less for the road: Is there life after alcohol? which continues his story of quitting drinking.


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