Kim’s Story: my first sober birthday

Our old friend Kim is back with another report of her sober journey, and she just had a birthday – her first sober one for a while. Read on to hear how it went!

First sober birthday

It’s my birthday on Sunday and I’ve been feeling really pissed off about the whole thing. Pissed off that I won’t be seeing my numnut mates as they will just want to get slaughtered. Pissed off that I should be having a spectacular alcohol-free day but that won’t happen with them. Pissed off that NOBODY understands what a legend I am for kicking the booze, NOBODY gets how hard I’ve worked, NOBODY is hanging out the banners and playing trumpets in my heroic alcohol-free presence. NOBODY GETS IT OR ME! 

I dragged my sorry arse to the office today planning to hang my already out of proportion bottom lip out even further for the day in a mega sulkathon. And this is what my team and my company set up for me.

  • Bouquet of flowers (I keep banging on how I can smell the flowers more these days)
  • An epic LDC cocktail set for my disco bath, more flashing lights in the bath – HOOZAHHH!
  • A book of mocktail recipes
  • A box of syrups for my mocktails
  • 2 brilliant books for when I go on my adventures on my own
  • A spa day in the most amazing 5 star venue for two as they know I’ve got into the pampering thing big time and spending more time with my daughter thing
  • Extra day holiday to a) Take the spa midweek so it’s more of a treat and b) So I have more time to go on my mini adventures
  • A bonus for all the hours and effort I put in (as I wasn’t hungover this wasn’t too hard)
  • Another bag of gifts that I haven’t opened as instructed to wait for my actual birthday to open those
  • A card with loads of messages of congratulations on all my life change efforts
  • Then beer o’clock time in the office and they are now getting Becks Blue in for me!

    Birthday treats from work!

Birthday present to self

I know this sobriety malarkey is about me and not what others think, but I feel so much better now!

Every year I order myself a birthday present. I have just ordered these pills make your poo full of glitter – for me this is revolutionary. I will resist the temptation to spike my son with one.

I am going to snorkel with some sharks this weekend with my son (because I hate swimming and am shit scared of sharks and need a challenge). I’m going to have afternoon tea, and I’m going to suck my bottom lip back in and put that smile right back on my chops!

Epic sulk averted!

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