Kim’s Story: How I Would Change the World at 100 Days Sober

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Club Soda member Kim continues her alcohol-free journey. In today’s guest article, she shares her ideas for a “quit drinking starter pack”, and plans how she would change the world at 100 days sober.

I am 99 days AF today. From my experience I have decided, if I ruled the world, I would do (and have a few things done) a little differently. The following ideas are a little something to help peeps like me along the way:

3 Month Quit Drinking Starter Pack


Treat Yourself With Monthly Rewards

If I ruled the world, I would want the government to pay for Monthly Sobriety Rewards. These would be vouchers for massages, facials etc. Our bodies are truly incredible and deserve to be looked after, despite the ways in which we abuse them. They continue to support us, getting us through the day despite the abuse of hangovers, headaches and bruises.

Whether your body is young or old, fat or thin, it is a miracle, a warrior and deserves finally to be treated with love and care.

Ditch Unsympathetic Friends and Nosy Neighbours

If I ruled the world I would make it a non-punishable offence to punch the following people on the nose really hard:

Promote Wining and Dining AF Style

If I ruled the world I would:


If I ruled the world I would:


Nothing to do with drinking, but if I do rule the world, I will also put stair lifts in Venice. It’s got to be done. 


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