Kim’s Story: One Month Into Becoming Alcohol-free

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I have now been a month alcohol-free – the longest I’ve ever been without a drink. Yay! To celebrate, I thought I would share the good, the bad, and the I’m still deciding.

The Good

Disco Baths: At wine o’clock each night I hop into the bath with bath bombs (getting expensive but still cheaper than Rioja), battery operated disco lights (3 from Amazon for under a tenner), my phone with my playlist (currently Swedish House Mafia), bluetooth speakers, topped off with a fake fag and fake beer. Cue the music full blast and singing at the top of my voice. Brilliant fun.

New Challenges: Last Sunday, I bought a Rubiks cube, and spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday glued to a YouTube tutorial, learning algorithms to conquer it. It kept my hands busy, my mind occupied, and by Wednesday I could do it. Any ideas for the next challenge?

The Bad

Going Back to the Past: I spent time contacting ex boyfriends (there’s a fair few due to my bad behaviour, mainly drunken cheating or being sick on them) to apologise for said bad behaviour and offering to meet up. Sadly not quite the response I had hoped for – a lot of emails received with capital letters and these sort of icons *!$*. Not one has taken me up on my offer.

Binging Alternatives: Eating a whole cheesecake over a week and a half, even when the second part of the cheesecake was out of date.

The I’m Not So Sure

AA Anxiety: Going to AA introduced me to lovely people, inspiring stories, although something, I’m not sure what, didn’t work for me personally. Also one of my idols from back of the day was there, and I spent the time trying not to catch his eye, trying to catch his eye and then hugely blushing. Not cool, and also exhausting.

Naked Ambitions: Looking at myself naked, properly looking. Ive spent ages trying not to see myself in all ways, so wanted to face myself. Boobs pass the pencil test (if I bend over backwards), my bum has gone flat and looks like someone has stuck two pitta breads on the back of my thighs, and my stomach sticks out further than my pitta bread arse profile wise.

Anyone know of any exercise that involves minimum effort and movement?


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