Webinar: Kirstin on sober parenting and never going back

On this week’s webinar, Laura spoke to fellow Club Soda member Kirstin, who joined Club Soda after a year alcohol-free under her belt. She talks about the joy of sober parenting, eliminating anxiety, and never going back!

Like thousands of other people like me, my decision to stop drinking took years to reach. I longed to quit but couldn’t imagine life without it.

Yet, with each hangover came increasing levels of guilt that I was a bad parent plus days of overwhelming anxiety which left me jittery, tearful and lacking in confidence.

Lying in bed one morning I decided (once again) I had to stop. I decided to write a list of 50 reasons why I should give up alcohol reasoning that, if I could get to 50, there really was no excuse to carry on.

There and then I got to number 46 but, too scared to commit, I shoved the list to the back of my mind. It was only a few days before New Year’s Eve in 2016 that I knew I had to finish my list.

I decided to stop for a year – forever was too overwhelming to contemplate – how could I ever NOT drink again, that still seemed ridiculous and impossible.

That New Year’s Eve I supped my favourite red wine (which tasted awful actually) and espresso martinis (delicious) but when midnight struck, instead of feeling regret and fear I was totally elated, liberated and free.

The first few months were tough, of course. I never had that longed-for rush of energy and I felt embarrassed and ashamed when I told friends. But, my anxiety disappeared overnight and my life is now so much more balanced.

I still miss the highs of drinking, but I love that my children love me not drinking, I love that I have more time and energy for them (I’m definitely a nicer mum) and I LOVE waking up without ‘the fear.’

When my year was up there was no question of ever going back, I couldn’t do it to myself.

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