The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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The topics for the day

Get ready for an insightful and supportive day dedicated to propelling the category’s growth and shaping the future of our collaboration! Here’s a sneak peek at the thrilling topics and panel discussions lined up for the day.


How far have we come? 
A state of the sector address reflecting on the remarkable progress and achievements since 2017

How can we craft a captivating visual story for the low and alcohol-free category?
With PB Creative

How to work with buyers?
Hear from two successful brands as they engage with their buyers, sharing the crucial first steps to securing a listing and strategies for building lasting relationships. Don’t miss this insider’s guide to winning over buyers! Hear from Diagieo and Waitrose and Lucy Saint and one of their best on-trade accounts 

What are the next trends?
Join a dynamic panel of industry analysts and forecasters as they reveal the cutting-edge trends set to shape the future!

What next for the sector?
Brace yourself for a punchy wrap-up, where we consolidate the day’s insights into a powerful manifesto for driving growth and catalyzing change in our industry. Get ready to be part of a transformative conversation that will shape the future!


How can I steer clear of pitfalls?
Founders reveal their successes and the valuable lessons they’ve learned, offering insights on what they would do differently if they could start anew.

How can you boost your brand’s promotion and marketing efforts?
Join Nudge PR for exclusive insights on harnessing the power of press and influencers and unlock the strategies to ensure your brand stands out.

What are investors looking for?
Meet a panel of real-life investors and uncover what they look for when investing in a startup

Is effective branding the key to success?
PB Creative lead a deep-dive into creating soulful brands that people choose, love and come back to and provides invaluable insights on collaborating with creatives to bring your vision to life.

How will joining a Trade Body help my business?
Meet the UK’s leading drink trade bodies and find out how joining their ranks will protect your interests, offer advice and support and help you grow.


How do I raise money? 
Join Distill Ventures and a panel of successful brands to uncover the secrets of fundraising and learn from those who have mastered the art of securing funds!

Can you communicate alcohol-free positively?
Join a Global Brand and a dedicated alcohol-free brand as they reveal their secrets to effectively communicating low- and alcohol-free options. Then, join the conversation on reshaping the category’s narrative for the future.

How do you find distributors, wholesalers, and retailers?
With tight margins and smaller volumes, how can we encourage wholesalers and retailers to stock more low- and alcohol-free products?

How do I recruit a great sales team?
Discover strategies to navigate the challenging recruitment landscape and assemble the perfect sales squad. Explore various avenues for expanding your team and uncover tactics to mitigate risks while amplifying rewards!

How do I export?
From determining your readiness and selecting the ideal markets to securing support and laying the groundwork for triumph. Get equipped with the essential tools to plant the seeds of success in your export journey.


What will the new government do next, and how will it impact your brand?
With new leadership comes shifting priorities, and navigating the legislative landscape can be challenging. Join Rob Fink from Big Drop and Matt Lambert from the Portman Group and Kelly Moss from the WSTA as they delve into the latest developments and provide crucial updates on the descriptors consultation. Stay ahead of the curve and understand how these changes could affect your business!

How can global and dedicated alcohol-free brands unite to expand the category?
While global brands leverage their vast budgets to elevate low and alcohol-free options into the spotlight, smaller brands often find themselves sidelined in retail and distribution. But what if we could change this dynamic for the benefit of all? Join us as both small and large brands share their priorities, perspectives, and innovative ideas on how they can cohabit and thrive, disrupting the norm to ensure the entire category wins!

How can we revolutionise education to grow this category?
‘Education’ is the buzzword for every brand, but what does it truly entail? Who should we target, and what are the most effective strategies for this sector? Join us to explore innovative approaches to education that will drive growth and success for all brands in the category.

What barriers are hindering the wider adoption of low and alcohol-free options?
Despite the decline in alcohol consumption, the uptake of low and no-alcohol alternatives remains slower than we would like. What obstacles are blocking this category’s growth, and where do they exist within the industry and beyond? Join us as we identify these challenges and explore strategies to overcome them, driving broader acceptance and success.


Throughout the day, we will provide an opportunity for different categories of drinks to get together, meet and share areas of concern for their verticle. This is a facilitated session; we will keep some notes to feed into the white paper!

  • Beer / Craft Softs
  • Wine / wine alts
  • Spirits
  • Functionals
  • Low alcohol
  • International buyers and sellers

Roof top Drinks Reception

Sponsored by Distill Ventures, the perfect opportunity to gather with otehrs and share thoughts of the day. 

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