London Cocktail Week 2018 serves more low and no alcohol options

London Cocktail Week is the world’s biggest cocktail festival. Last year, for the first time ever, participating venues were invited to offer a lower alcohol option in addition to their full strength signature festival cocktail. We were very excited about the news at Club Soda, and wrote about how this would help those wanting to moderate their drinking during cocktail week. We also sent Jen out to review some of the lower alcohol cocktails, and provided some simple tips for any mindful cocktail lover to make the most of the festival.

In the last year, mindful drinking has been big news – you only need to look at all the newspaper articles talking about Club Soda to see how what used to be almost a shameful thing has become part of the mainstream. And our friends at London Cocktail Week have made things even better for all mindful drinkers this year. Whether you are cutting down or have given up alcohol completely, there are many more low alcohol cocktail options available at this year’s Cocktail Week, from 1 to 7 October. And there are now also dozens of alcohol free cocktails being served in participating bars all across London, from Canary Wharf to White City.

Siobhan Payne from DrinkUp.London, the Cocktail Week organisers, told us: “We’ve really ramped it up! We’ve got about 30 bars on the Cocktail Tours doing non- alcoholic cocktails for festival pass holders (at £4), plus a non-alcoholic bar from Real Kombucha in The Cocktail Village, as well as non-alcoholic cocktail options throughout.”

It is great to see more and more pubs and bars catering for all of their customers, whether they want to drink alcohol or not. After all, they are not really in the business of selling alcohol are they? They are really in the business of providing us all a place where we can go to meet friends, family or colleagues, enjoy something to eat and drink, and have a nice time. Alcohol is only optional for any of that.

You can browse the participating bars on the Cocktail Week website to find all the lower alcohol and alcohol free cocktail options on offer. And you can also read this interview to learn a bit more about Siobhan and her own sober sprint.

EDIT: since we spoke to Siobhan, she has told us that the number of bars serving alcohol free cocktails has grown to over 90! That is almost a third of all bars taking part in the Cocktail Week event, which is amazing news. We look forward to an even better result next year.

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