Julian tells how he went from fat to fit!

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Julian Kirkman-Page, works in the City of London, is a keen member of Club Soda, and gave up alcohol forever two and half years ago. In his book ‘I Don’t Drink!’ he tells why and describes how he managed to quit drinking, and details the phenomenal difference it has made to his life since. In this last blog in his series for Club Soda across Men’s Health Week 2015, Julian tells how he went from Fat to Fit by dropping the booze (read part 1 and part 2). 

Getting fit and healthy

From FAT Git to FIT Git!

After 50 days I was so thrilled with my physical improvements I listed them in an email to my daughters. I did the same at 250 days as the changes were so miraculous. The complete lists are in my book but take a look at these extracts (with latest comments in parentheses):

No more after effects of drinking

Incredibly, the changes take place almost at once. It is hard to believe how many calories there are in booze, and if you are really honest with yourself in how much you truly drink, how many burger equivalents you were on per day. I worked out I was drinking the same as 8 burgers a day on top of my normal food intake.
The other physical change of massive note is never suffering the after effects of drinking. No more hangovers, no more wishing the day away to wake up feeling better the following day, no more hair of the dog to stop the shaking, no more headaches, no more feeling grouchy and getting nasty with other people because you feel like shit! Just a whole world of feeling healthy, fit, happy, alert, alive and with so much extra time and energy to achieve all those things you always wanted to achieve, and discover a whole raft of new things you never thought you were capable of.
And of final note – the physical changes are simply ONE aspect of the fabulous improvements you will experience once you become proud to say ‘I Don’t Drink!’


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