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If you know anything about social media, or cocktails, you’ll probably be aware that there are tonnes of “national” cocktail days coming up, such as Pina Colada day, Mojito day, Daiquiri day AND it’s Bacardi rum month.

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d share the line-up of fantastic alcohol-free cocktail options that will be available at our Mindful Drinking Festival in London on 28th July – it’s also a useful reminder of how delicious cocktails can still be without booze.


BeMocktails, hailing from Amsterdam and launching in the UK at our festival, have three incredible flavours all with a coconut water base and pre-mixed in handy cans. They’re all vegan, halal and fitness-conscious friendly, as they’re totally natural and derived from delicious super-fruits. The mission of the brand was to create tasty, classy, adult-orientated drinks which have the look and feel of a nice bubbly – without the alcohol, sugar, and calories.

The Pineapple, Graviola and Lemon flavour is compared to champagne, the Blueberry, Blackcurrant and Acai flavour has a deep fruity feel, whilst the Pomegranate, Aronia and Gooseberry flavour is reminiscent of gin.

How to serve: Chilled in a champagne glass.

Shatler’s (via The Alcohol-Free Shop)

The Alcohol-Free Shop is a fabulous online one-stop shop for all things booze-free, and they’ll be bringing an exciting selection of drinks with them, including Shatler’s range of pre-mixed alcohol-free cocktails. Shatler’s have put just as much care and effort into the development of their zero-proof range as they have with their alcoholic category, creating the perfect flavour balance with each variety. You’ll be able to stock up on their Pina Colada, Mojito and Mai Tai to name but a few – so grab a sturdy tote bag to stock up your fridge.

How to serve: Grab a nice glass, fill it with crushed ice, pour in the cocktail mix and garnish as desired.

Punchy Drinks

“Be Punchy, With or Without Alcohol” is the bold and beautiful tagline for this innovative brand. The approach they’ve taken to creating drinks is reflective of our attitude towards the mindful drinking scene – it’s not about hating on alcohol, it’s about creating choice, inclusivity, and positivity for those who want to stop drinking or be more mindful in how much they consume. Punchy has created a mouth-watering peach and ginger spiced-rum punch in two strengths – a 4% (which won’t be at our festival) and a 0% version (which will be at our festival), to cater for the non-drinkers and moderate drinkers alike, which is also low-calorie, low-sugar, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. A pretty solid all-rounder, leaving no-one to feel like they’re missing out.

How to serve: In a long glass or jar, over ice, with the garnish of your choice (mint, peach, lime or apple are all good choices.)

Redemption Bar

Redemption Bar is the brainchild of two brilliant women with a savvy and perfectly combined background of business, restauranteering and raw vegan food creation – bringing you a vegan, alcohol-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, yet fun restaurant/bar which packs a whole lotta love and flavour into everything on their menu. If you want to socialise without the usual concern for calories, boozy table-neighbours and general lack of good drinks options, this is the place to be. Trust us when we say that the food and drinks here really are incredible because we spend quite a bit of time “testing” it all out at our local Shoreditch branch. Come and sample their nutrient-infused food and cocktails at the festival.

How to serve: With a generous dose of “I told you so” with suspicious friends.

Thomas & Evans

A bubbly, aromatic, botanical bottle of loveliness, this is. It’s only 83 calories per 275ml bottle and it’s really easy to whip up something special with it. The brand and name were inspired by a couple of business partners who were an integral part of the temperance movement of the 1880’s and supplied high-quality booze-free drinks to pubs. The Thomas & Evans team will be putting together some great combinations for you at the festival, so make sure you pay them a visit.

How to serve: As a great base for any sparkling cocktail – or simply chilled in a champagne glass with a raspberry to garnish.

Monte Rosso

This classically bittersweet Italian aperitif is lightly sparkling, low in calories and the perfect tipple for our current heatwave. A great option for those who like the easy life, as it’s a delicious yet simple cocktail to enjoy in your garden or with a picnic.

How to serve: In a balloon glass, wine glass or crystal-cut tumbler, on the rocks with a slice of orange.


Social Beverages

Social Beverages have started running a series of pop-up alcohol-free bars across London this year, aiming to provide crowds with something a little different, without the calories or hangover. You’ll find them whizzing up some outrageous, refreshing and delicious concoctions at the festival!

How to serve: Lying back in one of our many deck chairs



If you prefer to build your own cocktails from scratch and experimenting with different flavour combinations, or following intricate recipes, then you’ll also find an incredible range of alcohol-free “spirits”, tonics, botanicals, and mixers to try out and take home, at our Mindful Drinking Festival on Saturday 28th July at Spitalfields Market, from 11 am to 6 pm. Don’t forget to ask the brands if they have any top tips on serving suggestions and pairings.


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