Myths about alcohol Part 2 – More stories we tell ourselves

There are so many myths about alcohol that we ran out of time the last time we talked about them… And this list gets ever longer. We did a workshop last week, and between the group we came up with another dozen.

We often don’t notice the social, family, group and personal myths that we have used to justify our drinking – but to move on with your drinking goals, you need to begin to see that there is little truth in many of these common misconceptions. Some will be easy to shake off (we always knew we were kidding ourselves) but others may be harder to crack.

Kim is a myth breaker

You may have seen Kim’s blogs here in the past 8 months. She posted an update this week on her own page on where she has been the past few weeks. I share it with you today with this thought: once a party animal always a party animal. You don’t have to change but what substances you use might change…

“In the last couple of months I’ve stayed in Leeds with a gentle soul and climbed Ilkley Moor with my fave adventurer chick. I explored Saltair and laughed and loved with my little zen warrior. I’ve stayed in the most beautiful house in Sevenoaks with a batshit crazy women. I’ve stayed in Bath and swam on roof pool with somebody who makes my heart sing. I went to a tea ceremony with the cutest dude friend dressed in a Kimono. I stayed in the craziest village in Shropshire I’ve ever been to with a talented mischievous artist. I swang in meditation hammocks with my kids whilst being played oojje boojee music. I’ve just come back from Manchester where I chavved up a diva, went to an ace play and then met 30 odd beautiful women for lunch. I met a stranger in London who became a friend within minutes. I went to a log cabin with 5 inspirational women – we laughed, we played, we meditated by a river, we played in a hot tub, we zenned, we danced, we ate , we loved.

All of this in less than 2 months. People think stopping drinking will be boring and flat. It’s been frigging epic for me and I have never had so much fun or felt so excited with life. Sorting your life out and going against the grain should be celebrated, we should be awarded epic hero magic trophies! Instead I will simply say – that you wonderful inspirational strong and batshit crazy women rule. At nearly 2 years sober this journey just gets better. That life in technicolour rules! Thats it!”

MORE popular alcohol myths we believe

We asked on the Club Soda Facebook group for “the biggest myth about alcohol you feel you needed to bust before you could truly change your drinking?” Here are another handful that I cover in the webinar:

Myth 19: I am too busy to give up

Myth 20: I can give up any time

Myth 21: I will put on weight if I give up

Myth 22: I will immediately lose weight if I give up

Myth 23: I will feel amazing immediately after giving up (and if not then clearly it was not that bad!)

Myth 24: I am a hopeless case

Myth 25: I just don’t have any willpower

Myth 26: Taking up running or alcohol-free beers is just replacing one addiction with another

Myth 27: Having an alcohol-free beer is cheating

Myth 28: The cravings are too bad.


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