National Tea Day

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One of the most amazing discoveries for me after giving up drinking was … tea!

I never drank it before. I never liked the black milky stuff we have been taught to drink in the UK.

Six months after quitting, on a whim and in the spirit of exploration, I ventured into a loose leaf tea bar in Shoreditch (sadly no longer there. Yes I did cry!) and being treated to a perfectly brewed oolong tea. Wow! That is what tea is meant to taste like.

I was hooked. Real, loose leaf, single estate tea is amazing. All the same plant but through time of picking and different types of processing you get a range of flavours.

Learning to make tea with the right temperature water and the right length of brew was a great journey and highly meditative. I love it. Ceremonial grade matcha has made my hair and nails strong and my skin glow. I own tea-ware, you know, that breakable stuff!

Scrap everything you know about tea and visit some of these top places across the UK and find out more (or go to their website and place an order. They will tell you how to brew it!)

Or ask Club Soda’s own tea dealer – Kyle.


5 places to learn and taste real tea

All sell online and also do lessons and tastings

Many have lists of cafes across the country where their teas are stocked and served by trained teams

Tell them I sent you!

Comins Tea Bath and Sturminster Newton

Postcard Tea – 9 Dering Street, London W1S 1AG (and there website has a list of cafes across the country that sell their tea)

Pekoe Tea – 20 Leven Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9LJ

Waterloo Tea – Cardiff and Penarth

Good and Proper Tea 96A Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TX and at festivals and markets across the country 

Llani (online with a list of venues that stock their tea across the country on their website)

Two books to read:

Easy Leaf Tea: Tea House Recipes to Make at Home (get it from Amazon UK)

Tales of the Tea Trade: The secret to sourcing and enjoying the world’s favourite drink (get it from Amazon UK)


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