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We first launched Club Soda back in January 2015 when we realised that there wasn’t a lot of support for the ‘grey area’ drinkers. People who, like our co-founder Laura, was a social drinker who wanted to stop because she was a bit of a dickhead when she did drink (her words not mine!).

Five years later we’ve grown to a big team including 45 volunteers, helping us to manage a global membership of 50,000 people.

We love this community and we’re proud of how much it’s grown, and of the people who are and have been a part of it. But it’s time for a change.


Earlier this year we ran a research project with a series of questions for our members about our community, our services, and what we could do to improve our offering. Many people raised concerns about the privacy and safety of our current online community home, the consistency of content we offered, and the lack of anonymity in our groups.

We listened. And we’ve spent a large part of 2019 building a new private community space, away from all social media, available via monthly or annual subscription – enabling us to spend time creating brilliant membership-only content for you on a regular basis.

About the platform

We’ve created a brand-new community platform for our members – a safe space away from social media for people to share stories, struggles, and support. 

The new community will be available via a monthly or annual paid-for membership, so we can deliver all the extra benefits and incentives you’ve asked for.

In return for your membership payment and continuing loyalty to us, you’ll gain access to all the important stuff in one place:

– A brilliant community of people just like you, looked after by our experienced admins to ensure it remains a safe space.
– A whole range of private discussion groups focused around mindful drinking goals from moderation to alcohol-free lifestyles, to connected interests and topics such as sleep, nutrition and running. 
– 50% discount on Club Soda socials.
– 20% discount on our online shop, courses and workshops.
– Our weekly blog dropped right into your newsfeed.
– Regular video and webinar content created specifically for our new community, featuring everything from interviews with your favourite inspirational people to fly-on-the-wall access to our talks and workshops, news features, virtual festivals, and drinks-making.
– You’ll even be able to search for other members who live in your general area, or with the same goals and interests.

What’s more, we have a Club Soda mobile app so that you can access us on the go, for both Apple and Android phones!

It’s a bold move, we know, but we’re confident that this new space will become a safe, inspirational haven for our members, and we can’t wait to keep making it better. You can hear Laura say more on the video below.

You can read more about our new community here, and sign up today, by monthly or annual subscription.

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