Our no and low alcohol beer tasting part 1 – 0.05% to 0.5%

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Want to know how our first Low/No-Alcohol Beer Tasting went?

Well we had a great time at Mother Kelly’s in Bethnal Green – Dani had found us some weird beers, love/hate beers, the same beers (with different ABV) and some rare beers.

Here is a rundown of the non-alcoholic (under 0.05% – when you want to quit) or dealcoholised beers (0.5% – still suitable for most wanting to stop drinking); what people thought, from beer experts to amateurs, what they liked/disliked, smelt or tasted like…

Thanks to Mother Kelly’s for hosting, Dani for curating, Geoff from London CAMRA, Dave from Londonist, and Matt from Real Ales, and of course our members for joining this pioneering event.

Becks Blue

ABV: 0.05%

Style: Lager

Where to buy: Just about anywhere! Including Tesco and Sainsbury.

 “Decent lager taste”

“A good all rounder”

“A good ‘calibration’ lager, not unlike a Kölsch”

Matt Curtis from Total Ales says:

Brewdog Nanny State

ABV: 0.5%

Style: Hoppy Ale

Where to buy: Bottle Dogs in Kings Cross, online or larger Tesco  branches.

“Pretty good! Smelt floral and smooth but tasted a tad too bitter for me. I could manage about two on a night out with food”

Will Noble from Londonist was not so keen:

Rothaus Tannenzapple

ABV: 0.5.%

Style: Hefeweizen

Where to buy: Online!

“Nice. Just right, could manage about 3 of these with food or bar nibbles”

“This beats Becks! I could have 10+ on a night out!”

Darren gives his verdict:

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

ABV: 0.5%

Style: Weissbier

Where to buy: Most larger supermarkets including Waitrose.

“Really liked it. I’d drink this with food, at a bar, at a picnic!”

“Smelt malty, tasted sweet but it’s not for me – I miss the hops in this one”

Geoff Strawbridge from London CAMRA gives his verdict:

Mikkeller Drink’In the Sun

(See also the comparison review with the 2.8% version here)

ABV: 0.3%

Style: American Style Wheat Ale

Where to buy: Online.

“This beats the Erdinger – But only just!”

 “….Not for me”

“Pretty good. Nice smell, decent taste.”


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