Non Alcoholic Beers 0.5% or less

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So to start your month off booze we’re looking at all the awesome (and slightly less awesome) dealcoholised beers that are available. If you’d like to learn more about any of these beers and see videos from our tasting event, visit our blog here and here.

Becks Bluebecks_blue_bottle

ABV: 0.5%  Style: Lager
Where to buy: Just about anywhere!
Taste: This one really divided opinions.
“I would drink this in an emergency”
“Tastes like its heard of beer”
“Tastes and smells chemical”
“Decent lager taste”
“A good all rounder”
“A good ‘calibration’ lager, not unlike a Kölsch”

Erdinger Alkoholfrei 

ABV: 0.5%
Style: Weissbier

Where to buy: Most larger supermarkets
Taste: Pretty positive but maybe a bit sweet.
“I would drink this with food in the park”
“Tastes a bit like sweet tea”
“I would have this with a cheese plate!”

Brewdog Nanny State

ABV: 0.5%
Style: Hoppy Ale
Where to buy: Bottle Dog in Kings Cross/online, or at larger branches of Tesco
Taste: Good reviews noted for it’s real beer flavour.
“A good proper beer”
“Buttery & herby”
“Definitely a picnic kind of beer”
“Pretty good! Smelt floral and smooth but tasted a tad too bitter for me. I could manage about two on a night out with food”

Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol-Freemaiselsweissealkoholfrei

ABV: 0.5%
Style: Weissebier
Where to buy: The Beer Boutique, The Alcohol Free Shop & many other stockists.
Taste: Good reviews all round”
“I would drink this with a curry!”
“Very easy to drink, sweeter and a lovely after taste”
“Smells like toffee, tastes like lemon”

Rothaus Tannenzapple Alkoholfreirothaus

ABV: 0.5%
Style: Hefeweizen
Where to buy: Online, from importers, or The Beer Boutique in Putney.
Taste: A strong contender.
“I would drink this on a week day pub night”
“Easy drinker”
“Tastes like lager!”
“This beats Becks! I could have 10+ on a night out!”

Mikkeller Drink’In the Sun (see the comparison review with the 2.8% version here)

ABV: 0.3%
Style: American Style Wheat Ale
Where to buy: Online.
Taste: This is another one that divided opinions.
“This beats the Erdinger – But only just!”
“….Not for me”
“Pretty good. Nice smell, decent taste.”



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