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You will often hear us and our members talk about Club Soda’s two online programmes to moderate or quit alcohol: “The MOB” (Month Off Booze) and “8 Weeks to Change Your Drinking”.

We designed them both based on the feedback from you – our community. You said you wanted daily advice and tips, something to keep you on track and focused on your plans, to arrive in your email inbox every morning. So that is what we created. The MOB with the help of our expert psychologist Helen, the 8 Weeks from our own experience.

The programmes are designed to help you whatever your alcohol goal is: to cut down, moderate, quit, stop for a bit, or stick. They have some similarities but they also complement each other. You can do both of them one after the other, giving you 90 days of support in total (well almost 90 days – it’s 87 days exactly!)
8 weeks

8 Weeks to Change Your Drinking

8 Weeks is a crash course in behaviour change and alcohol. It introduces you to the science behind behaviour change, and gives you several practical ways to use this knowledge to help, you whatever your drinking goal. Whether moderating or quitting, the 56 days of emails will challenge and inspire you.


The MOB was designed and written by chartered psychologist Helen O’Conner with Laura and Jussi from Club Soda. The aim of the 30 days of emails and other content is to give you everything you need to take a month off drinking. We call it a hard reset.

If you have been trying to moderate and are struggling, you may find that a month completely off alcohol will give you the insight about your drinking triggers and habits that will help you set and achieve your long-term moderation goals.

If you are going alcohol-free for the foreseeable future, then the MOB month gets you started with videos, blogs and tools to support you all the way. Or if you are doing a dry month for charity or a personal challenge, then this is also the program for you.

The good news is that you can do them both!

Although there is some overlap in the two programmes, it makes perfect sense to complete both – and many Club Soda members already have. The only question you need to decide is: which order to do them in? This is our advice:

Try the 8 Weeks first to see how easy it is for you to moderate or quit drinking. And if you find that you are really struggling, then you can do a hard reset with The MOB after. Everything you’ve learned on the 8 Weeks will support you with the MOB.

Do the MOB first to kick-start your alcohol-free campaign, or to take a break before moderating. Then follow it with the 8 Weeks for two extra months of daily support and additional tips and advice after your MOB month.

Get started today, and 2016 can still be the year you got a grip on your relationship with alcohol.

And if you’re not quite sure, you can always do either programme on their own too.


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