Second Low/No Alcohol Beer Tasting – Part 1 (0.05% – 0.5%)

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Low/No Alcohol Beer Tasting Part 1

After a successful first Low/No Alcohol Beer Tasting back in April, we held our second on Monday June 22nd. Hosted by Club Soda member Dani, about 15 people came together in The Duke of Wellington in Dalston to try 10 different brews: some of which we loved, some of which we hated, and some of which caused divided opinions. But all came away with a new found taste for those brews of low or no alcohol ABV. Low alcohol beer tasting

Below is a rundown of the 0.05% to 0.5% beers, what people thought, and how to get a hold of them if you fancy a taste for yourself. We will be holding future beer tastings, but in the mean time keep an eye on our events page for the next one! You can also read all about our under 3% beers in Part Two of this blog here, as well as compare notes with those who were on our first beer tasting back in April.

A big thanks to The Duke of Wellington for having us, to Dani for sourcing and talking us through the brews, and to everyone who attended, told us what they thought and made the evening what it was.

Alcohol Free & De-Alcoholised Beers

In the UK alcohol-free beer is legally definied as containging 0.05% alcohol of less and de-alcoholised beer must contain under 0.5%. In context, fresh orange juice can naturally contain 0.5% and malt vinegar 0.2%

Becks Blue

becks blueStyle: Lager

Where to buy: Just about anywhere!

“I would drink this in an emergency”

“Tastes like its heard of beer”

“Tastes and smells chemical”

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Erdinger Alkoholfrei ABV: 0.5%

Style: Weissbier

Where to buy: Most larger supermarkets

“I would drink this with food in the park”

“Tastes a bit like sweet tea”

“I would have this with a cheese plate!”

Brewdog Nanny State

Brew Dog Nanny StateABV: 0.5%

Style: Hoppy Ale

Where to buy: Bottle Dog in Kings Cross/online, or at larger branches of Tesco

“A good proper beer”

“Buttery & herby

“Definitely a picnic kind of beer”

Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol-Free

Maisel Weisse Alcohol Free  ABV: 0.5%

Style: Weissebier

Where to buy: The Beer Boutique, The Alcohol Free Shop & many other stockists.

“I would drink this with a curry!”

“Very easy to drink, sweeter and a lovely after taste”

“Smells like toffee, tastes like lemon”

Rothaus Tannenzapple Alkoholfrei

Rothaus Tannenzapple Alcohol Free BeerABV: 0.5%

Style: Hefeweizen

Where to buy: Online, from importers, or The Beer Boutique in Putney.

“I would drink this on a week day pub night”

“Easy drinker”

“Tastes like lager!”

Lauren from The Three Compasses in Dalston tells us why getting low/no alcohol beer into pubs is important:


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