Partying Sober – Myths and Reality

This week there has been lots of chatter in the Club Soda community about dealing with first parties sober – feeling too sensible and awkward.

Laura pulls no punches this week and suggests that most of what we think about partying sober is myth – distorted by our relationship with alcohol.

There was a time when we made friends with new people without alcohol, so why do we feel alcohol is the only way to fit in? Partly we use alcohol to endure events we don’t enjoy – why should we endure anything?

We need to start reminding ourselves why we want to spend time with people like us, and that is the energy familiarity brings to our lives, not the drink.

We need to start reawakening our curiousness, focus on making meaningful (and remembered) connections, and seek out the other people not drinking. They are usually there. Let’s find new experiences that make us feel great for spending time with people.

Also don’t forget why you started this journey. Remember that it is a process, and as time goes on you will feel less awkward. Most of all, don’t be over sentimental about the times you partied drunk. Often that was some time ago, and life has already moved on. This is a new phase of your life. Embrace the process of change!

And no more enduring – if you don’t want to do something then don’t!

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