Annie Grace: 100 days of lasting change


Sometimes you need an extra boost of momentum & encouragement to create lasting, lifelong change. Let’s face the facts. Most New Year’s resolutions survive less than seventeen days!

It’s unfortunate, but most habits will peter out within three weeks, no matter how strong our willpower or our intentions were when we set those goals and resolutions. Willpower fades. Look at your local gym in February and March and watch how much thinner the parking lots get as we move away from 1 January and people can no longer rely on their willpower.

If you want this to last, and you want to find real, permanent freedom — and are ready for great things — but right now you fear that lasting change may elude you, Annie Grace wants to introduce you to something. Join her for 100 Days of Lasting Change and see how there is true magic and power in doing something every day.

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