Be Rebel AF


Studying at Bournemouth University and thinking about drinking? You could get this course for free. Whether you want to drink moderately or go alcohol-free, Be Rebel AF will help you develop a health and happy relationship with alcohol.



Be Rebel AF is packed with the information, tools and support you need to help you change your drinking, your way.

  • Part 1 introduces the essentials of mindful drinking, including some useful tools and questions that will help you pay attention to your drinking
  • Part 2 dives deeper, exploring the patterns of your thinking and your motivations for change
  • Part 3 is a chance to step back, so you can consider the kind of life you want to live, including how to decide whether moderating or going alcohol-free will work for you
  • Part 4 deals with the practicalities of planning, progress tracking and problem-solving
  • And the final few lessons prepare you for life beyond Be Rebel AF, so you’re ready to put your mindful drinking plans into action.

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