Dry Drinker: Buy alcohol-free beers, wines and more

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Dry Drinker offers you alcohol-free beers, alcohol-free wines, sparkling wines and spirits, and they only stock drinks that they’ve tasted and they’re happy to recommend.

If you are looking for beer, choose from stouts, pilsners, wheat beers, craft beers, German lagers, fruit beers, pale ales, and IPAs. If you’re a wine drinker, choose reds, whites, ros├ęs and sparkling wines with provenance, from established wine houses across Europe and the USA. Scavi and Ray alcohol-free Prosecco perhaps, or a Domaine de la Prade organic Merlot/Shiraz?

They also have a growing range of alcohol-free spirits, distilled in the UK and Europe. Traditional methods are used to create innovative lasting flavours.

Pick your own mixed case: 12 or 24 bottles of beer chosen by you from the full range. Try four beers of a similar type in their 12-bottle taster packs, or as few as 6 bottles of one beer. Or you can buy wines and non-alcoholic spirits by the bottle, rather than the crate.

And remember to use code CLUBSODAVIP at the checkout to get a special 5% Club Soda discount!