Dry: Non-alcoholic cocktails, cordials and clever concoctions by Clare Liardet

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Club Soda says:

We love a good alcohol-free concoction, and there is a brand new, beautiful book out that will tickle your tastebuds with its awesome recipes. Usable as a treat just for you, or even as a way to show off your cocktail-making abilities to guests, family members, pets – anyone who’s watching, really. Your drink will certainly look and taste better than theirs.

Clare Liardet’s brand new book, called DRY, contains adventurous recipes as well as her top tips and tricks for making alcohol-free cocktails that taste as fabulous as they look. Her creations are stylish, exciting and grown-up; whether you like your alcohol-free cocktails fruity, bitter, salty or sour, you’re bound to find something you fancy here.

Amazon says:

This book is full of the very best cocktails – the most delicious flavours, the most distinctive combinations and the most adventurous recipes. And they are all made with non-alcoholic ingredients, from exciting new mixers to rich, fragrant syrups and spirits. Most can be created with ingredients found in your kitchen or garden, and all promise an exciting new way to drink dry.

These are imaginative, grown-up, non-alcoholic alternatives for the designated driver, teetotaller, or those who are pregnant, trying dry January, losing weight or just cutting back.

Whether you’re planning a Friday night in with friends, a lazy Sunday brunch or an evening huddled around a crackling fire you can find your dry drinks here.

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