Mindful Drinking: How cutting down can change your life by Rosamund Dean

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Club Soda says:

We were really excited about this book (not just because we spoke with Rosamund when she was writing it, and she says nice things about Club Soda!). The book is good on the planning and effort you need to put in if you want to successfully moderate your drinking. And Rosamund provides plenty of incentives to do the work to become a mindful drinker. She shares her personal experiences and her rules that have turned her from someone who always drank at book launches to an occasional drinker.

Amazon says:

Journalist Rosamund Dean combines scientific expertise with practical advice in a game-changing three-step guide: The Problem, The Incentive, and The Plan. Drinking less will improve your mood, your skin, your sex drive and your body as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether you are sober-curious, or just want to cut down – Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Will Change Your Life shows not only why you should, but also how you can, in a way that will change your life forever.

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