Movement for Modern Life


Want to get unlimited online yoga classes? Join Movement for Modern Life and get a 14-day free trial.

As you’re changing your drinking, you might want to begin to focus on other aspects of your physical wellbeing too. Whether you want to chill or energise, Movement for Modern Life has the right class for you. It’s perfect for beginners too, with a 21-Day Beginners Challenge to begin your yoga journey.

Movement for Modern Life offers yoga videos from just 2 minutes to full 90 min classes. And it brings yoga right to you whenever is convenient for you, in your living room or wherever you are. You don’t have to eat lentils or like lotus flowers. You don’t even need to love yoga. You just need to see what a very useful tool yoga can be to put in your toolkit for so many situations in life. All you need is to have a body to appreciate how wonderfully powerful you will feel after a bit of strengthening and stretching. You start by stretching the body, but you’ll see that the mind will soon follow.

Live a happier, healthier and more sustainable life with Movement for Modern Life.

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