Sober stick figure by Amber Tozer

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Club Soda members say:

“This book is hysterical. Do read it. A book I actually read all the way through.” Jo

“Really enjoying it! Although it is a bit triggery for me in places as it is approached with humour which does at times make drinking and drug taking seem fun. But, halfway through now, and as she promises things take a very bleak turn.” Sam

Amazon says:

Having had her first drink at the tender age of seven, Amber inevitably followed in her family’s albeit wobbly footsteps and became a functional alcoholic. Hitting rock bottom when her father eventually died of the disease, Amber decided to embark on the hard path to sobriety, chronicling her journey along the way.

Delving into the serious topic of young alcoholism through comical (if tragically true-to-life) dialogue and crude stick figure drawings, Amber Tozer allows for the perfect balance between mental health and humour, shedding light and light-heartedness on a mental illness that can begin in the innocent days of childhood.

An honest and inspirational read, Sober Stick Figure is as important and necessary as it is hilarious and entertaining.

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