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Make a contribution to Club Soda and help us do more.

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At Club Soda, we exist for our members. And our members – people like you – make Club Soda possible.

This autumn, we’re launching a completely private online space for Club Soda members to chat, to join groups, to share news, to get support, and to… well, everything we currently do on Facebook. Facebook has been a great place for us to grow, but we know there are lots of people who don’t get the support they need because they worry about privacy and security. We’re finally going to put that right.

We’re going to make the basics of our new community available to everyone. For ‘access all areas’ membership, there’ll be a small monthly fee.

To make this possible – and to continue everything else we are doing – we need your support. Please consider making a one-off contribution to support Club Soda. Think of it as a virtual tip jar.

The drop-down values are suggestions. You can, of course, combine them in your basket and add multiples of them if you want to be even more generous!

Your contribution will help us create a world where nobody feels out of place if they’re not drinking.

To say thank you, we’ll update you regularly about how our plans are progressing. And you’ll get an early invitation to join our new community when it’s ready to start accepting members.

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