Teetotal tipples for January and beyond by Helen McGinn

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Club Soda says:

Helen McGinn is a wine writer who did a reluctant dry January, and discovered the joys of teetotal tipples. Perfect if you’re doing a sober sprint.

Amazon says:

Ever decided to go booze-free only to find the alternatives a little, well . . . boring? If you’re embarking on a dry spell, this book is just the tonic (so to speak).

Drinks expert Helen McGinn shows you how to make the most of your time off the sauce with plenty of recipes for simple homemade mocktails, infusions and cordials, along with a guide to non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits worth adding to your drinks cupboard.

Think of this book as a friend, with a (dry) sense of humour, to keep you company in style through your booze-free spell.

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