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Julian Kirkman-Page made the decision to start writing just as he stopped drinking. It’s led him to become an accomplished writer, and he has published two successful books about his relationship with alcohol: ‘I Don’t Drink: How to Quit Alcohol‘ and ‘One Less for the Road‘. As a regular Club Soda blogger, he tells us why blogging is an important part of his life and sobriety.

Drinking experiences

Once I had decided to quit alcohol for good, one of the key things that helped me was writing down my experiences that involved drink, in fact it’s one of the things I recommend in my book ‘I Don’t Drink!’

Writing down both the good times and the bad times where booze was involved gave me a real sense of having ‘been there and done that’, that if I ever felt inclined towards having a drink for old time’s sake stopped me in my tracks. Instead of thinking ‘I wish I was enjoying a nice cold beer right now’, I would remember times when I had enjoyed a beer, smile at the memory and then recall where the drink eventually led me – down a massive black hole.

I wrote down so many tales they became a book of memoirs which I published on Amazon under the title ‘The 7.52 to London Bridge’ and which has proved extremely popular. It was because nearly all the tales involve copious amounts of booze a friend who knew I had quit drinking suggested I write the book about how I eventually managed to quit, which is what I of course did, and ‘I Don’t Drink!’ was born.

Celebrating the benefits

Writing is a fantastic way of impressing in your own mind the reasons why you are turning away from booze, celebrating what you have achieved since you became sober and listing the fantastic benefits that accrue on a daily basis.

You don’t have to be proficient a writer to put things down in print. Even simple bullet points help cement the facts in your mind and should you ever need any, help you create a host of excuses not to be tempted to drink again. And Blogging now opens the world of writing to everyone.

If you belong to a group such as Club Soda, you have the advantage of being able to write down and share your memories, thoughts, experiences and ideas with others, and to get almost immediate support and feedback. I have found that people love reading inspirational tales from others, or helping those even in the depths of despair.

Blogging to succeed

The other thing blogging gives you is a community of people who want you to continue to succeed. I know for a fact that if I was to ever reveal I had gone back on everything and started to drink again there are countless people who would be devastated. I could never let them down, not that I ever intend to.

So blog. Build a group of people you can follow and who will follow you, share your fantastic tales and your ideas, and seek inspiration from others when you feel the need. Who knows where it might lead? Write it down!

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