Reaching Nirvana through yoga and non-alcoholic beer

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We have talked about Nirvana Beer before – one of our first beer-tasting events included a prototype stout made by Steve, the man behind Nirvana, as one of the beers on the tasting menu. It was actually the favourite beer of the evening, beating several well-known commercial brands, so we have been eagerly waiting for more. And now we have it.

Steve, together with Becky and the rest of the Nirvana team have opened UK’s first dedicated low and no alcohol brewery in Leyton, East London. Club Soda paid a visit last week to check out the brand new brewhouse, which is very impressive – you can read more about Nirvana Brewery on the Club Soda Guide website. And also to do some yoga.

Yoga in a brewery

Yes, you read that right. Nirvana is not just about low and no alcohol beer, they want to be a bit more than that. So they organise beer and yoga classes too. This is a special yoga class, using beer bottles as props with some of the exercises, followed by a beer tasting and nibbles afterwards.

The floor of the brewhouse had yoga mats waiting for us, for the class taught by Liz who is an experienced yogi and teacher, and a friend of good beer. Most of the postures would be familiar to people who have practised yoga before, but some came with little beer bottle-shaped twists. These included using the bottle as a point of focus, and doing the warrior pose while holding a bottle in your outstretched arm (actually rather hard work!).

Tasting Kosmic and Mantra beers

The two Nirvana beers already out and available are Kosmic, which is a 0.0% ABV stout – dark and beautifully malty, with hints of chocolate and vanilla in the taste; and Mantra, a 0.7% ABV IPA – nicely balanced bitterness and citrus fruit flavours and plenty of taste for a lower alcohol beer. Both are excellent beers for the mindful drinker, with no compromise on the taste. And Nirvana have plans to add more beer styles to their range, both non-alcoholic 0.0% ones, and low-alcohol ones of under 1% ABV.

You can find out more about Nirvana, their beers, and their beer yoga classes on the Nirvana Brewery website.


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